KDSP - Karachi Down Syndrome Program

Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP) is an organization formed by a group of affected parents and passionate individuals advocating the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome living in Karachi and to provide them with the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives. This organization is one of its kind and has recently come into existence, which further emphasizes the need for creating awareness for special needs.

Resource Linked actively participates in the Karachi Down Syndrome Program Carnival, which is an annual event, by donating to the cause as well as sponsoring activities at the event. Such activities create a great atmosphere for families and promote a sense of belonging. We feel strongly about giving back to society and this is one of the many causes that we resonate with.

Ramadan Iftaar Drive

In Ramadan 2017, Trading Resource Linked hosted iftaar dinners at our Coke distribution centers in Karachi for all its employees and locals working around those areas for the whole month. This initiative was greatly appreciated by the distribution team as well as everyone around the area, and Resource Linked was praised for making sure their employees were well taken care of during a month of fasting. As the distribution centers are located far away from the city, our top leadership made sure our employees worked hard and did not have to worry about breaking their fast in tough conditions.