Saara Salim - Executive Director

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I like the feeling of starting over. I have a creative side that has not been dulled by my MBA at all, and have created companies in the fields of education, vehicle security, fashion and HR. It is an emotional roller coaster, there are times of bone-crushing uncertainty, and the work schedule can get crazy. Being a working mom, it’s not always easy to juggle work, home and kids; your sleep, sanity and friends end up taking the back seat. But there are also the joys that come with every win — at Resource Linked I remember my first client, the first employee hire, our first office, and finally that smile on someone’s face that comes when they’ve directly benefitted from what you’ve created. I am most proud of being able to create the foundation upon which Resource Linked is built, and to attract the fabulous team and work ethic we have here.