It is a misconception that an employee performs well based solely on his or her skills at work. Their surroundings, culture and fellow colleagues play a vital role in the success of an organization.


The average employee spends about 8 hours a day at work - 5 days a week. A clean office is essential to a work place as it can affect one’s concentration. From keeping your work place organized to throwing all trash items in the bin instead of leaving them spread around the office. One’s own body hygiene should also be taken into consideration since most work spaces are closely knit together.

Colleague Relationships

A good relationship between all colleagues can lead to a healthy environment in the office, especially because one cannot spend the entire day sitting at their desk. This has also proven to have a better effect towards good quality work which is completed on time because many opinions combined together can broaden one’s perspectives and ideas which can result in efficiency and creativity. Furthermore, group activities promote cohesion within the organization, and lead to higher levels of productivity.

Physical Activity

A research which was recently conducted has proved that sitting for more than 3 hours a day in total can lead to stress, lethargy and weight gain. All these factors are linked to bad health which further results in getting little or no work done in the office. Good promotion of health helps to alleviate work-related stress and improves the overall physical and mental state of employees.

Plants and Personal Items

Adding nature in to the office can act as a step to increase productivity and wellness into the office. Most employees love to keep pictures, drawings along with other objects on their workstations to remind themselves of the positive aspects in their life. A cluttered desk often causes distraction and employees are discouraged from adding too many items but a family photo or stationary always do the trick!


Therefore, a healthy office environment can only be achieved if an employee’s optimistic and responsible attitude are consistent along with keeping in mind that cleanliness is key.