An interview can make or break a deal depending on how good or bad it goes. Many candidates do not take the seriousness of an interview into account and fail to deliver good quality results. In order to rise up to the expectations of the employer, one must prepare for an interview with utmost dedication and passion.


Candidates must realize that doing a thorough research of the company is necessary and cannot be ignored. In order to show interest towards the employer, one should educate themselves about the history and current position of the firm. It is also essential to know what job you are applying for, and what could be expected from you. Not knowing anything about where you are applying can put the interviewer under the impression that you lack interest in the company.

Your First Impression

Your first impression is your last impression! Make it last by entering the room with a smile followed by a firm handshake and good eye contact which should not last more than a few seconds.

Body Language and Attire

Your attire, body odor and body language can make the biggest difference. What you wear to an interview can have a great impact towards the interviewer as it represents your lifestyle, manners and overall grooming. Appearing for an interview in casual clothes will definitely reflect badly upon yourself and give off the impression that you do not make an effort when it comes to presenting yourself. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to pick out a formal outfit and make sure you look presentable.

Show Enthusiasm

You have scored the interview because they believe you can do the job. It depends on how you can prove that you can do it better than anyone else they might be interviewing. Enthusiasm is key to a good and healthy relationship with the interviewer. Be vocal about your accomplishments and never bad mouth your previous employers as it can give off a very negative impression.  


A little goes a long way and too much confidence can give off the impression who is very over-confident or desperate which is a big reason most interviewers tick candidates off their lists. Answering all the questions (even the ones you don’t have the answer to) without hesitation is a sign that you have an optimistic attitude towards yourself and your surroundings. Individuals who nod their heads and shrug shoulders have a higher chance of being rejected at any interview.


Therefore, always do your research beforehand, dress presentably and make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to ace your interview.