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Executive Retained Search

This is a rigorous process which usually includes the hiring of upper level management of a company based on specific requirements of the client. This also includes a specific payment plan.

Contingency Search

Typically work with a large number of job openings, using a known database which includes looking for matches on paper and sending those candidates’ resumes—as many as possible—to clients for possible interviews.

Team Hiring

Hiring teams for companies which are new in Pakistan or new in general.

Restructure Management

We provide consulting services for businesses and assist them in restructuring their leadership to boost their business. Mass recruitment:  We possess the ability to fill a variety of various positions within different industries on a daily basis with the right candidate "fit".

Freelance Consultants

Project based hiring for a limited period of time.

Why Recruitment with RL?

Intelligent Resourcing

We learn more as we resource. The more we work with our clients and understand their needs, the better we get in terms of providing them the required resource.

What is Intelligent Resourcing?

Our recruitment process search requires a sophisticated blend of industry knowledge to understand business needs, assessment science to mitigate risk, and the subtle art of human relations to find the perfect match. Resource Linked masters all these areas to give you the perfect candidate fit.

Our ‘Dream Team'

"I’m a serial entrepreneur and I like the feeling of starting over. I have a creative side that has not been dulled by my MBA at all, and have created companies in the fields of education, vehicle security, fashion and HR. It is an emotional roller coaster, there are times of bone-crushing uncertainty, and the work schedule can get crazy. Being a working mom, it’s not always easy to juggle work, home and kids; your sleep, sanity and friends end up taking the back seat. But there are also the joys that come with every win — at Resource Linked I remember my first client, the first employee hire, our first office, and finally that smile on someone’s face that comes when they’ve directly benefited from what you’ve created. I am most proud of being able to create the foundation upon which Resource Linked is built, and to attract the fabulous team and work ethic we have here." – Saara Salim

Lasting Ownership

We take complete ownership when it comes to the candidates we have placed in firms in case of any issues from either the employer or the candidate, maintaining constant communication and feedback.

Collaborative Partnership with the Clients

RL offers complimenting services such as Organizational Development and Employee Training Programs that usually go hand-in-hand with our Intelligent Recruitment and Resourcing.

Long Standing Relationships with Client

We aim to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, ensuring we match their requirements.

Our recruitment committee is actively involved in vetting employees for keys positions. Through our rigorous recruitment process, our leadership uses their knowledge gained from their years of experience at MNCs to ensure that the particular candidates being sent forward are up to par and worth the employer’s time. We understand every challenge faced by our clients, therefore, we are engaged from the initial screening process until placement and after, keeping our clients engaged throughout the ordeal.

Shan Foods

Transformative Impact – The First Pakistani FMCG Organization to Acquire Resource Linked Recruitment Services

When Shan Foods parted ways with their CEO, their Board of Directors were made aware of Resource Linked in order to assist in revamping their management committee. Although it was a challenging task to convince their upper management to let us make these appointments for them, Shan Foods placed their trust in us, and allowed us to hire a new management team for them which included a new CEO, Head of Marketing, Head of HR, Head of Trade Marketing and a resource who would lead their IT department. Not only did this give us a lot of credibility but also gave our company the confidence that we could deliver for one of the biggest multinational companies in Pakistan.

This process took about 6 months to complete, however, through these major appointments in their upper management, Shan Foods has seen a major uplift in sales, a world-class TV commercial highlighting Pakistan and China’s collaboration for CPEC, and an overall positive image of the company globally.

Testimonial by Shan Foods

We were quite hesitant to outsource a big responsibility such as hiring our top leadership, and also had limited time to invest in the required recruitment for our company. Not only did Resource Linked understand our concerns, but took over swiftly and landed us the best resources in a timely manner. This was done in a strategic manner, as they acted like an extension of our HR department, and held detailed discussions with us in order to bring us the best in the business.
Shan Foods
Ali Gohar and Company
National Foods
Coca Cola


A good outsourcing plan requires the expertise and talent of individuals who have vast knowledge of third party psychology and the know how to effectively bridge the gap between the employee and principal. Our mission at Resource Linked Outsourcing is to manage employees’ life cycle which kick starts from our rigorous recruitment program all the way through to the employee payroll and data management, keeping in mind all legal aspects of a business.

Managing Employee Life-Cycle

- Recruitment

- Payroll Management

- Benefits

- Employee Data Management

Transparency / Legal Compliance

Coca Cola

In Pakistan, businesses are usually hesitant to outsource their field sales. However, Resource Linked provided Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited with a comprehensive study, highlighting the benefits of outsourcing their sales and distribution teams. In order to make sure we provide CCBPL with the best solutions, keeping in mind their 36% attrition rate, we made sure to cover each and every aspect of their business model. Through our accurate research and attention to detail, we brought their attrition rate down to 3%, resulting in them outsourcing 500+ order bookers to Resource Linked while also managing their payroll services, performance, benefits and attendance management.

This was a major success for Resource Linked as it is one of the biggest outsourcing projects for the company, and a sense of pride for our team to have a brand like Coca Cola to not only work with us, but provide them with the best solutions.

Ismail Industries
Coca Cola
SPG Prints
National Foods


Employees around the world are in a constant competition to transform and build on their skills to keep up with the ever changing demands of their careers. Resource Linked provides you with off the shelf as well as customized learning solution to hone the required skills

Signature Programs

Off the shelf programs provided to clients by level and role to build desired skills.

Sales and distribution training

  • Key account management
  • Category management
  • Order Booking and Effective selling skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Full scale program for front line sales team
  • Soft Skills Training

Host of courses in this area around communication, management, grooming, presentation skills that can be shared. These programs include but are not limited to:

  • ‍Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Accountability Etc. 

Develop technical, operational and behavioral competencies

Learning programs based on your values and technical skills framework. These programs directory include off the shelf soft skills program and technical programs. 

Customized Programs

Learning programs designed for cohorts of managers, leaders and executives. We help organizations identify, design, execute and sustain capabilities required for optimum performance 

RL Academy

Unlock and continuously develop the potential of your employees. A modular and progressive training model is designed for the target audience that can span from 6 months to two years. This training model aims at constantly developing and measuring the soft / hard skills of the employees. Understanding the core values, core skills and customer needs is what drives the academy. Combined with putting hard numbers to measure soft initiatives creates a perfect recipe for performance and delivery. 

Personalized Coaching

We have on board industry leaders with experience from across the globe. This unique set of people forefronts personalized coaching journeys for RL. We combine business skills with organizational and development psychology and provide organizations with the following options for coaching:

  • Personalized one-on-one executive coaching
  • Personalized Leadership coaching

Providing baseline diagnostics to measure your employees’ capabilities. This serves as the groundwork to an array of development and design ingenuity that include but are not limited to Training needs analysis, assessment centers, development plans, recruitment, career progression and succession planning. Below are few of the diagnostic tools Resource Linked 

Assessment Center

Build and maintain advanced capability measurement models that allow our clients to generate insights and make better, faster decisions

  • ‍For Leadership
  • For Management Role
  • For Sales and CSR Employees
  • Management Trainees
  • Graduate Trainees 

Thomas International DISC assessment

PPA is a behavioural profile that provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work. It provides the real answers to questions such as:

  • What are this person’s strengths?
  • Is our business playing to this person’s strengths?
  • Which limitations will impact on their ability to be successful?
  • Will this person be successful in a role that is technical, quality or standards focused?
  • Does this person drive for results?
  • Can this person work with and through people?
  • Will this person excel in a service, support or specialist role?

Personality Dimensions 

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. The primary author, Lynda McKim, builds on the foundations established by the work of David Keirsey, Linda Berens, et al, and a history of temperament theories that spans 25 centuries.

  • Talent Management
  • Reward Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Return on Training Investment


HSY - My human resource department is resource linked.
Engro - Not only has RL delivered successful trainings but also helped participants align and reevaluate their goals in synergy with the organization’s goals” – Head of Sales Engro Ice cream

Our Top Clients

Shan Foods
Tux Tissues
Ismail Industries


Manpower Consultancy & Advisory Service

We leverage our unparalleled expertise of professional recruitment principles, along with a deep understanding of local & international manpower recruitment processes, to provide comprehensive HR services & recruitment solutions that maximize our clients manpower potential.

RL Overseas Employment possesses a wide -ranging database to provide international placements in all major spheres of employment; having experienced staff members with extensive working knowledge of global industries in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Muscat, Malaysia and Singapore.

Employment Assistance

RL Overseas Employment operates through our rigorous Intelligent Resourcing programme and ensures applicants go through a strict examination process which includes written, oral and various aptitiude tests to ensure we find the right fit for your organisation.

1. Permission from the Protector

After receiving manpower requirements, we seek permission from Protector of Emigrants. 

2. Interview & Trade Test

After short-listing applications for interviews and trade test, candidate's skill is tested practically to evaluate the workmanship and his conformity to international standards.

3. Medical Examination

 Every prospective candidate undergoes strict medical examinations from approved medical centers recognized by GCC.

4. Visa Endorsement  

We are responsible for the visa stamping process and collection of the passport from the concerned Embassy or Consulate.

5. Registration 

After stamping visa, we submit passports, for registration with the Protector of Emigrants.

Final Registration of Candidates

To fulfill the requirements of visa endorsement, the file of the worker(s) is submitted to the Ministry of Labor (Government of Pakistan) Islamabad for final registration. This process is normally completed within 24 hours from the time of submission of passports and documents to the authorities concerned. 

Visa Assistance

Following are the types of visas that we provide services for:

a. Employment Visa

b. Visit Visa

c. Work Permits 

Post Selection, Orientation & Travel Arrangements

Once the candidate has been selected and informed, we also arrange for his orientation program related to profile, code of conduct, labor laws of the country of employment. We also make complete travel arrangements including medical checkup and visa assistance to make sure you get your desired resource, hassle free.

Efficient & Cost Effective Services

We provide a list of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveraging our world-class facilities, recruiters and advanced recruiting technology, we help you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than the industrial average.

Drug Abuse Briefing & Orientation

We conduct a comprehensive & full-length briefing with the collaboration of Labor Department & Protector of Emigrants (Government of Pakistan) according to Drug Acts prior to the final registration, so that the intended emigrants must be well acquainted with the rules and regulations of the country of employment, particularly the strict laws about drug abuse.

Deployment of Emigrants

Whether you need to recruit an entire team of specialists or have a vacancy in the upper echelons of the company, we have the aptitude to scout talent by industry, skill set, experience and location. 

RL Overseas Employment adopts HR strategies that provide competent and skilled candidates seeking jobs to our clients' companies. Perhaps, you are looking at offsetting a temporary shortfall in your workforce. Here too we can fill the position on a short term basis from our vast pool of professionals, without compromising on quality of talent.

Information Technology

SAP Certified Professionals

Web-based Applicants  

Client-Server Applications 

Networking & Systems Administration, Data Warehousing  

Computer Hardware Specialist  


RL Overseas has expertise in providing staff to the needs of the hotels, restaurants, fast food retail outlets & catering companies. 


RL Overseas plays a vital role in providing Pakistani workforce to the leading Engineering and Construction companies of Saudi  Arabia, especially those specialized in construction of roads, highways, bridges and buildings. We are regularly recruiting highly qualified and experienced professionals like project managers, project engineers, planning engineers, materials engineers, quantity surveyors, QC engineers and also skilled & unskilled laborers, masons, carpenters, welders, electricians, technicians, supervisors, land surveyors, and asphalt workers. 

Oil, Gas & Petroleum

We possess the ability to provide competent personnel at all levels for refineries and petrochemical-gas facilities. 

Engineering Staff (Project, Design, Material and Commissioning)

- Instrumentation Engineer

- Automotive Engineer

- Maintenance Engineer

- CAD/CAM Engineer

- Material Handling Engineer

- Chief Engineers 

- Mechanical Engineer  

- Civil Engineer

- Piping Engineer  

- Commissioning Engineers

- Planning/Scheduling Engineer

- Contracts Engineer

- Safety Engineer

- Electrical Engineer

- Structural Engineer

- Electronic Engineer

- Testing Engineer

- Engineering Superintendent

- Welding Engineer

- Field Engineers

- Fire Protection Engineer 

Medical & Para-Medical Staff

- Consultants

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Specialists

- Surgeons

- Technicians

Project Management

- Contracts Engineer

- Cost Engineer

- Manager Proposal Operation

- Manager Planning Engineer

- Project Engineer Project Manager QA & QC Engineers Quantity Surveyors

Agriculture & Mechanical Industries

- Agricultural Machine Operator Agriculturist

- Agronomist Driller  

- Gas and Diesel Mechanics V Heavy Equipment

- Mechanics

- Heavy Equipment Operators  

- Pivot Technician

- Under chassis Mechanics 

IT Professionals

- Access Programmers Java Programmers

- Advance Revelation Programmers Novell Network

- C/C++ Programmers Administrators CAN

- CICS Support  

- Novell  Network Engineers CNE

- COBOL Programmers Oracle Programmers

- Computer Customer Pascal Programmers

- Support Engineers Pro Engineer CAD

- Database Programmers SAP Support

- Hardware Engineers SQL Programmers

- Hardware/Software Updates

- Unix Programmer

- HTML Programmers Website Design 

Construction & Technical Staff

- Boiler Makers Cable Splicer

- Coolie Drivers (Trailer, Heavy & light Duct men Fitters Helpers Instrument Fitter Insulators  Masons)

- Operators (Shovel. Bulldozer, Crane, Back hoe, Forklift, Dumpier etc.)

- Painters  

- Plumbers  

- Riggers

- Sand Blaster

- Scaffold

- Steel Fabricators

- Steel Fixers

- Supervisors

- Technicians

- Welders (TIG, MIG, X-RAY, PLATE, PIPE, 6G, SG Etc.) 

Hotel Staff

- Technician

- Administrative Assistant

- Baker

- Banquet Manager

- Cashier

- Chef D' Party

- Cleaners

- Dry Cleaners

- Executive House Keeper

- Executive Souse Chef

- Financial Controller 

- Front office Manager

- Front Office Staff

- General Technicians

- Head Butcher

- Kitchen Staff

- Restaurant Manager

- F&B Manager

- Fire Safety Engineer

- Maintenance Engineer 

Accounts & Administrative Staff

- Accounts Assistant

- Administrative Manager

- Book-Keeper

- Clerks

- Computer Operators

- Junior Accountants Marketing Manager

- Pay Master

- Personnel Officer

- Personnel Supervisor

- Project Accountant

- Secretaries

- Time Keeper

- Typist