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Merchandising Automation

Bringing your target retail outlets on your fingertips.

Field Force Tracking

Ensure better and more efficient execution in the field, all in real time.

Key Merchandising Metrics Tracking (OSA, SOS, Planogram, POS Deployment)

The pulse of market, in your handheld device with real time data tracking.   

Reporting & Analytics

Customized reports to suit your specific business need & provide data backed answers to your unresolved business problems.

Insights Generation

What you were missing all along - we deliver you relevant & powerful business insights from perusing your competition and your market dynamics.

Channel & Category-wise Tailored Program

A visibility program tailor made for you and your specific channel requirements, we design a made-to-order field force, POSM, channel thumbprint strategy that is as unique as your business needs.


Visibility Audits

We are a valued partner for companies that entrust us to back check their visibility programs/ display drives etc. to validate retail incentive programs for them.

Chiller Audits

For beverage companies we perform tens of thousands of chiller audits per month to assess their assets on certain KPIs.

Asset Tracking

For FMCG companies that spend thousands on deploying special assets on key retail outlets, it becomes imperative that these be tracked for their presence and maintenance needs.

Mystery Shopping Program

To provide you authentic feedback regarding the services offered by your employees and their problem solving and customer handling skills.

Retail Census

To identify, tag and map all your relevant outlet in your outlines universe and make it digitally available for you to plan your retail strategy better.

Channel Tagging

For companies that wish to verify and redefine outlets based on their key channel characteristics and shopper needs, we tag outlets and map their geo coordinates so it becomes a readily available map for when you wish to work on your retail strategy.

GIS Mapping

You provide us a manual list of outlets and we map them digitally for you complete with location coordinates, shop fascia and owner details so your retail universe is at your fingertips.


Merchandising Technology

Be in total charge of the ever changing retail industry with our latest merchandising technology. Track your share of shelf vis-à-vis the competition, on shelf availability, planogram compliance and much more on your priority outlets; all in real time.

Brand Ambassador Services

Always keep an eye inside your most priority stores with our cutting edge tools for brand ambassador programs and get so much more out of your merchandising spend.

Business Intelligence Tools

With our unique ability to capture enormous data and report it real time we are equipped to be your number one field partners when it comes to keeping an eye on your competition and report the market pulse to you in no time.

Retail Census & GIS Mapping Technology

Our cutting edge tools give you total transparency of your retail universe as and when it’s mapped on the digital universe.


Channel Habit & Attributes

To understand your shopper dynamics better specific to each channel, this study aims to bridge the gap between your channel strategy and shopper mission so you can target your shoppers better.

Shopper Trip Analysis

Why does a shopper make a trip to a certain store? What factors are they most receptive to when it comes to buying more and how can we leverage that information to better position our brand in these outlets.

Shopper Decision Tree

What factors contribute to shopper buying decisions? How can we facilitate the process of selection where a customer assesses our brand vis-à-vis the competition and ends up choosing our brand? What goes in the mind of our customer and how can we guide them to our brand?

Basket Analysis

What all is in the basket of our customer? Do they buy for the whole month or a weekly top up is their aim? What are their most bought items? How can we stay relevant so we may never miss out a customer basket in the future?


Joint Business Planning

Negotiating the best trade market business plan with your choice retail partners to ensure your brand gets the maximum store visibility and merchandising space against the money you are spending.

Shelf Space Contracts

Making sure your brand stands out from the competition by negotiating the most clutter breaking shelf space contracts, immediately placing you on eye level, in hot spots at the heart of the retail space in your category leading outlets.


Channels Framework

Define the overall channel strategy. With a treasure trove of knowledge and experience of vast majority of consumer lead industries, we help you pick and choose which channels are relevant for your category and help you drive penetration in the right consumer group.

Channel Thumbprints

To further dig into channel strategy, we outline the channel thumbprint for you: what characteristics set channel A apart from channel B? What is the shopper mission in each channel and how can we make our brand more relevant in that channel? How can we converge shopper mission and brand relevance in each channel? What tools and product assortment can we deploy to leverage each channel’s unique characteristics?